Being physically active not only gives you mental and physical strength you can enjoy today, but also provides you with a cushion that soften the blow if and when your habits are impeded by illness, injury or other stressors. Just fitting in some extra walking, climbing stairs and other simple activities (jumping jacks, wall squats, lunges and planks) regularly and standing or walking instead of sitting as much as possible throughout the Max Workouts ebook day will amount to a solid amount of mental and physical benefits.” See more: Easy Ways to Slim Down in 14 Days! 3. Tap into some of that child-like wonder! “Instead of thinking of exercise as something negative–as a punishment or chore or something you have to unhappily grunt your way through–think of activities you enjoyed as a kid and make it a point to do a few of them. Hula hooping, twirling a baton, riding a bike, swimming, shooting hoops, ice skating or playing tennis or another sport.” 4.